Paula Andre PAULA ANDRÉ, was born in Quito, Ecuador.  Since a very young age has shown her love for music.  Her parents took her to the Opera when she was only two years old, and since then everybody has heard her singing all the time.  She followed her brother’s example, by composing and playing several instruments.

When she was 8 years old, she learned to play guitar, created her own songs, and she started her formal music instruction with music teachers from Ecuador and the United States.

At early age she started participating in her school events and in contests, where she always showed her talent. She graduated with honors, having also studied French, Italian and English. 

She has performed around the world and on TV shows in Ecuador and many other countries. She had the pleasure of singing together with other singers like the famous Italian Tenor, Renato Pagliari, while in the Caribbean.

By 17 years old, she had recorded her first CD.  After her CD, she was part of one of the biggest TV shows in Ecuador, Pop Stars, where she debuted as a solo pop artist.

Following Pop stars Paola was the lead singer and composer for OK.
  Today, Paola launches her latest hits “NO SE” and “FIIERY LOVE” in Latinoamerica, US and Europe, completely written and composed by her.  Paola currently lives happily in the United States and continues to write music, perform, and dedicate herself to helping make the world a better place .



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